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4 Obrenovac Flood 1st 25000Eur 4 Obrenovac Flood 1st 25000Eur


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4 Obrenovac Flood 1st 25000Eur

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On May 16th, 2014 the heaviest rain and the worst floods since records began 120 years ago hit parts of Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. In average 3 months’ worth of rain was delivered in 3 days, at places even 4 months rainfall in only 1 day! The overflowing rivers burst into many towns and villages, cutting off whole communities, while landslides buried the houses.

The city of Obrenovac was the most severely hit by this disaster. Almost all its citizens, about 25000, were evacuated from their flooded, devastated homes. Many of them lost not only their homes but their jobs and business too, often small family shops, stores and factories.

The material damage is immense. The recovery will take months.

In order to support the recovery process, we are raising funds through crowdfunding  for direct and transparent help to a handful of small town services vital for life to return to Obrenovac.

Your contribution to this project is crucial!

The answers to the questions: Who will use the donated funds? What are the rules for using the funds? How will misuse of funds be prevented? How can business and organisations donate? can all be found on this website dedicated to the project.

Link: 4 Obrenovac Flood 1st 25000Eur

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4 Obrenovac Flood 1st 25000Eur

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